Danielle Sepulveres was born and raised in the (mostly) non-guido section of New Jersey. She has a B.A. in Mass Communication with a Minor in English from the University of Delaware.

Her first book LOSING IT: The Semi Scandalous Story of an Ex-Virgin is a top-selling memoir that is utilized on numerous college campuses and has helped break through many of the archaic abstinence-only education guidelines, and was recently optioned to be adapted into a film.


Her latest book is a collaborative Kindle single collection of essays entitled “Too Old To Have A Major Too Young To Have A Minor”, all about her state of affairs occurring post college and pre-marriage. If you dated her, you’re probably in it.


Currently she works behind the scenes-with the occasional onscreen cameo appearance-in the TV/Film industry and as a public speaker for comprehensive sex education on college campuses. She contributes to The Washington Post, Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, HelloGiggles, the L.A. Times, Refinery29, extracrispy.com, Brooklyn MagazineFemsplain and various others. Right now she’s hard at work on her third book which will be her first novel.


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Let’s Talk About Sex

Most schools teach health class solely with a fear mongering message that pregnancy or AIDS are the only two concerns when it comes to premarital sex. Or worse they only teach abstinence.


Whether I’m visiting a school or a community group for a book club, as a guest speaker or member of a sex education panel, I am there to give the most honest and comprehensive information when it comes to discussing my experiences with sex and relationships.

LOSING IT is a book I wrote to help fill a void in the sexual education landscape. I detail every last embarrassing experience-as well as the fun ones-when it comes to first love and first intimacy. Whether casual or serious, the relationship aspect of sex is grossly overlooked by schools everywhere. It’s time for that to change.





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